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Mrs. Croft always met her with a kindness which gave her the pleasure of fancying herself a favourite…

- Persuasion, Chapter 13

I think this scene, from the 1995 adaptation of Persuasion, is very interesting in how it contrasts Anne’s relationships with Lady Russell and Mrs Croft. Yes, technically a lady like Anne would never run across the Pump Room like that, but I love the sheer joy on her face and on Mrs Croft’s face when they are reunited!

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"…and I had not got three yards from the door, when he came after me, only to say, if I was going to Hartfield, he thought I had much better go round by Mr. Cole’s stables, for I should find the near way quite floated by this rain. Oh! dear, I thought it would have been the death of me! So I said, I was very much obliged to him: you know I could not do less; and then he went back to Elizabeth, and I came round by the stables — I believe I did — but I hardly knew where I was, or any thing about it. Oh! Miss Woodhouse, I would rather done any thing than have had it happen: and yet, you know, there was a sort of satisfaction in seeing him behave so pleasantly and so kindly!"

- Robert Martin and Harriet Smith being adorable,
Emma, Chapter 21

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Christmas during the time of Jane Austen

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